Pince à fût déversement frontal

Déversement frontal

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Solutions for drum


Drum clamp

  • Universal stainless steel clamp for clean rooms
  • Designed to grip fibre, plastic and steel drums (Ø 350 - 600 mm – max. weight 250 kg)
  • The smaller containers can be taken by adapting a small drum attachment
  • Manual/Electrical gripping
  • Manual tilting at 360° (both sides) or electrical tilting at 180° (one side).



  • We can adjust our design according to the customer needs.
  • Therefore we can build frontal pouring systems.

Counterbalanced stacker + forward pouring clamp



Télécharger : Plan D11-910.pdf
Plan D11-910.pdf
Poids : 161.88K Date : 03/03/2016 Type : pdf

Our models

Gripping Tilting Capacity Réf.
Manual - 100 kg D11-900
Manual Manual 100 kg D11-910
Manual Electric 100 kg D11-920
Electric - 100 kg D11-930
Electric Manual 100 kg D11-940
Electric Electric 100 kg D11-950
Manual - 250 kg D11-905
Manual Manual 250 kg D11-915
Manual Electric 250 kg D11-925
Electric - 250 kg D11-935
Electric Manual 250 kg D11-945
Electric Electric 250 kg D11-955



Fût - pince - retournement - élévation


Certification ATEX
Griffes de dépalétisation
Adaptation pour prise de fût ø 350 à 500 mm

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